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Kimberly Clark Puerto


Date of Birth:
Aug 03,1984

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Greetings Sir/Mam,

I am writing to express my interest in the position of Chef.

I am an experienced cook and have worked in the kitchen at the Ankies Resto Bar for atleast 2 years. It is a high-turnover environment where members of the team each have their responsibilities, but we all chip in with whatever needs to be done and work closely together. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are an essential part of the job, and I am valued for my energetic and enthusiastic approach to work.

With over years of experience working in professional kitchens, I am adept at all aspects of food preparation and cooking, and at the Ankies Resto Bar the dishes I prepare includes western, asian and european cuisines. This is only a small sample of my repertoire, which is wide-ranging. I also hold a Certificates and Diploma in Culinary Arts and pride myself on maintaining the highest standards of food hygiene.

After I graduated Culinary Arts that experience taught me so much about the cooking and hospitality industry and every role in it. I developed my skills in cooking, cleaning and customer service and, most importantly, team work.

I have been passionate about food and cooking my whole life. My strengths as a cook are in Western,Asian and european-influenced dishes. I read cookbooks and experiment with new dishes in my spare time, and I love nothing better than the satisfaction of creating something fresh, exciting and delicious.

I am a diligent, energetic team player who will work hard to turn out food that is both beautiful to eat and beautifully presented. I would love the opportunity to bring my enthusiasm and passion for cooking to your team – you won’t regret it.

Kind Regards

Mr. Kimberly Clark Puerto

Work Experience
from 2009.10 to 2011.10
I am a chef looking for a position of the same field.
from 2009 to 2010
I am a chef looking for a position of the same field.
2009.10 to 2011.10
Holding a position of chef.
This certification does not expire
Simulan Natin Sti 26th Anniversary Cluster 1 Grand Champion Winner Singing Idol Category 2009.
This certification does not expire
Hotel Basic Operations F&B, Housekeeping & Front Office Seminar.
This certification does not expire
Food & Beverages Service NCII
This certification does not expire
Classic & New Trends of Food Styling.
This certification does not expire
As member of this organization. We do events yearly gathering all chefs members participating in feeding program for those poor families living in remote areas. We give feeding program including special gifts for the poor children. Our organizations aim is to give joy to those children and bring out their happiness despite of there hard experiences in life.
I am still a member of this group
Independent organization that helps poor families and children by giving them feeding program.
Patent #: 1305TRSCOK2050052 s. 2011
Proof of Graduate.
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