Terms Of Service
These Terms and Conditions regulate the Service provided by Jobs77 for its Users.
By using this service, the User accepts these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy concerning the processing of personal data, available at Jobs77.com/info/privacy.

1. What is Jobs77?
Job search
The vacancies published on Jobs77 are obtained automatically from other websites, or come from Jobs77's Advertisers. When Vacancies are obtained from third party websites, Jobs77 indexes them and publishes a simple extract, providing the link in order to view the entire Vacancy published on the website of origin. The User intending to view the Vacancy, leaves Jobs77 's website by clicking on the relevant link in order to view the third party website, the content of which is in no way Jobs77’s responsibility.
Job Alerts and Email vacancies
By providing their email address, the User may register to the “Job Alert” service and receive email notifications on the availability of new job offers corresponding to the search parameters they have set, at the time of registration or later. In addition to the notification of new vacancies, the Job Alert service may include receiving direct vacancies, which correspond to the search parameters set and which contain relevant job offers.
The User may at any given moment modify their search parameters on the Website, or they may ask for the Service to be deactivated. Should the User cease to interact with the links in the Job Alert, after 12 months Jobs77 will deactivate the account and the services requested by the User, who may re-register at any given moment.
Uploading of the Curriculum Vitae
Subject to prior registration, Jobs77 will allow the user to upload their Curriculum Vitae to its systems. This, in order to ensure not only that it is easily available and updated, but also, subject to the User’s prior consent, that it is accessible to third parties, for the same purposes and to facilitate and promote the match between job applications and offers.
Registered Users will be alerted by email as to the activation of the “Uploading of the Curriculum Vitae” service and of other services, which may be implemented by Jobs77.

2. Limitations of Liability
Vacancies indexed from other websites are not subject to any kind of prior moderation. Jobs77 does not play any part in personnel recruitment regarding the job offers sent in the Job Alert or job offers sent directly via email. Jobs77 limits itself to collecting job offers and making them as accessible as possible to the Users, informing the Users of new Vacancies related to the job categories they have chosen.
The Advertiser bears sole responsibility for the content of the Ad. Jobs77 is in no way involved in negotiations between Advertisers and Users, and exercises no control over the quality, safety or lawfulness of the job offers, or the veracity of the information given to Advertisers by Users.
The User expressly releases Jobs77 of all liability within the limits permitted by law, in relation of any possible damages or claims concerning itself or third parties, arising from ads posted on the Site or sent to Users via email.
Jobs77 cannot be held responsible for Service malfunction caused by third party websites upon which the performance of said Service depends.
When Users sign up to the Job Alert Service by providing their email address, they are responsible for the security of their own authentication, determined by the Jobs77 Cookie. This Cookie will remain active and automatically recognizes the User's browser until the "log out" link is clicked, which prevents automatic identification on the following visit.

3. Copyright
The “Jobs77” trademark, as well as all trademarks, both figurative and not, and all the signs, commercial names, service trademarks, nominative trademarks, illustrations, images and logos which appear on the Website are and remain Jobs77’s and its licensees’ exclusive property, and are protected by applicable trademark laws and relevant international treaties.
The images, texts and distinguishing marks (such as trademarks, domain names, etc.) of third parties, which appear on the Website, belong to their respective holders and are exclusively used to represent the ownership of the Vacancies.

4. Jurisdiction
This agreement, subject to the exceptions provided by consumer protection laws, is subject to Hong Kong law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Hong Kong.

5. Amendments to these Terms and Conditions
Jobs77 reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any moment, alerting the User by means of their publication on the Website.
A User who continues to use the Service after the publication of said notice, accepts the new Conditions without reservation.

6. Definitions
Advertisement of a job offer accessible through the Website, the content of which is published directly on Jobs77, or obtained automatically from third party websites offering job vacancies and specified within the same vacancy, of which Jobs77 publishes an extract.
The subject publishing Vacancies by means of Jobs77’s website.
The service of indexing vacancies, publication, visualization on the Website and possibly, email communication offered by Jobs77.
Terms and Conditions or Conditions
These Terms and Conditions of service.
Personal data
Any information concerning a natural person, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, by reference to any other information including a personal identification number.
Data subject
Any natural or legal person that is the subject of the Personal Data.
Website or Site
Jobs77, a search engine for job vacancies operating by means of localisations in various Countries of the world, identified by Jobs77.com website.
Jobs77.com, a search engine for jobs that operates through local versions in various countries of the world, identified by the Jobs77.com Website.
Data Controller
Any natural or legal person, public authority, and any other body, association or other entity in charge of making, also jointly with another data controller, the decisions about the purposes and methods of the data processing and the relevant means, including security matters, in relation to the working and use of this Website.
The subject using the services or products offered by the Website.